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Saturday, April 2, 2011

An unexpected treat for me!!!

So I wasn't expecting to get to go to another of Jackie Mooney's brilliant workshops until the 1st of May which to me is ages away :(
I knew Jackie was having a beginners workshop, which will be on next Sunday (the 10th of April) & have said a couple of times that I wished I was only a beginner just so I could go.
Yesterday I got an email from Jackie & because of the way she has organised the workshop I can now go so I am a very, very happy person now.
I will learn some techniques from Jackie so hopefully I will be able to start using some of the crafty things I had to have over the years but didn't really get!?! Things like embossing powders & chalks.
We will be making a card at the beginners & techniques workshop with this on it
Just look at the detail in the picture!
It will be interesting to see if mine looks as good as Jackies!!!
Jackie also had a stunning card at her last workshop that she had created using... get this...... a coaster (or to be more precise a beer mat) & we will be learning how to do the embossing on this. The hubby will be getting orders to bring home supplies from the local lol!!
We will also try shrink plastic which is something I have never tried & I am really looking forward to trying this!!!
I know I will really enjoy this day & I can't wait for next week now!!!