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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jackies Promarker Tutorial Workshop!

We made this Promarker tips & tricks book at a special workshop by the very talented Jackie Mooney! I have added to it (as was intended by Jackie) & I have to say this has been a very important reference for me as I am constantly checking back to see how I should go about coloring an image.
The above image is another from the brilliant Elisa. You can see her wonderful work here at Mamidoodles.
I got the bear image above (its a FREE digi stamp download) from the very talented Wendy's blog.

My workspace & tools of the trade!!

Ok I have a shed (or half of a shed) out the back garden! There is a door on the main part of the shed but not on the part that separates my half from the general junk storage part! I'm still waiting on my darling hubby to fit the door (that we already have) in time for the coming winter! Will I have it in place for the 3rd winter since it's been built??? Your guess is as good as mine lol!
This picture from my daughter (3 years old at the time of creation) hangs above my main station in my craft room (or my art studio as Lily calls it) & it reminds me of what is important in life!
This is my newest toy, a pressie from my dad, who I have to admit is the reason I got into crafting (after buying me a card making kit while I was ill when pregnant on Lily) I was well & truly hooked. Anyhow this is the newest electronic die cutting machine on the market (I think!!) and although I am waiting on the software download & the SD cards with images to cut it has impressed me with its ability to cut thicker material than any other die cutting machine I have owned!
This is my loyal Craft Robo, it doesn't cut through thick materials very well but I use it with every card I make because of the ability to use pens to write using true type fonts! Although I have my eCraft I don't think I will be able to let this go!
My Big Shot!!!
I don't have very many die's for this but I use it for nearly every card I make be it with nestabilities or embossing. This is one machine I could never live without!!
My Ikea rails & hooks! I can see & get to my nestabilities in seconds!
Ikea rails again without the hooks for my punches, I use them more now that I can see them!
My embossing folders, texturz plates, dies & gel pens (for the Robo) all within reach!

When my craft room is finished it will be my favourite color!
I wonder if anyone can guess what that color will be??
Even my hubby gets this wrong lol!!

Jess's Workshop Cards!

Jess's workshops take place in Wexford every month & because it is a bit of a drive for me I don't attend every month but I do try to make it at least every 2 months! These are some of the cards I have made at Jess's workshops!

My Promarker collection is finally finished!

Thanks to my fabby husband, I am now the proud owner of a complete set of Promarkers! I got the idea for storage from this great blog and now that I have the whole set my box actually looks neat! After my darling hubby bought the last 27 I didn't have I realized I had no idea what these colors looked like (unlike the ones I used all the time & could pick out with my eyes closed) so I thought index type cards that stuck up over the tops of the markers with the names & the color of the marker might help & this is what I came up with!!!

Workshop Matchbox Embellishment Swaps.

This is the gorgeous box I received from Jackie in the embellishment swap at one of her brilliant workshops!

This is my contribution to the fantastic Isobel's matchbox of embellishment's swaps that took place at one of Jackie Mooney's workshops I sill have to take a photo of the matchbox I received in this swap! It was the lovely Jackie's & once again was filled to the brim with little treasures!
This is the fabby matchbox (full to the brim of wonderful embellishments) that I got from Isobel's swap! Isobel was the creator of this little masterpiece!