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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ouch LO

A few years ago my son fell while out in his nanna's & his uncle Gary notified everyone when he start screaming that Ryan had broken his arm. I ran to check what was up but am ashamed to say I ran screaming as soon as I seen his arm which looked very much like a s shape. Only my MIL's boyfriend was there my poor boy would have been left standing there. He was so brave & calmed down way faster than I did.
I thought this photo deserved to be made into a LO

Pam x


coops said...

fab layout the papers you`ve used and colours :D

xx coops xx

Yaz said...

OMG Paaaaaaaaam! Poor little Ryan bless him! You should have a warning note for this post haha I nearly screamed when I saw his arm!! It crazy looking!
Lovely LO for it :)