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Monday, March 6, 2017


So there is a reason I have started crafting again after all this time and crafting because I want to and not because I had a card I had to make for an occasion.
While flicking through facebook noticed a few cards made by Karolina where she had these beautiful flowers made from Foamiran. I had never heard of this so off I went to google, the flowers made from this foam were just the prettiest and I have always loved using flowers on my cards so I kept searching and that is when I came across the facebook page for Foamiran Ireland. I had a little problem though as I had gotten rid of a lot of my crafting essentials because 1. I wasn't getting much time to craft and 2. When I did craft I found I was using my Silhouette Cameo all the time so I had now flower dies anymore and had even gotten rid of my die cutting machine so I contacted Foamiran Ireland to see if it would be possible to get 1 sheet of this foam to try cutting it on the Cameo. I got a reply pretty quickly from Agnieszka (or Agnes for short) and she told me she would send me a sheet to try. It arrived the next morning and while the smallest one was having her nap I dragged the Cameo into the kitchen and started to cut. I was delighted because it did cut on the Cameo and I made my first order from Foamiran Ireland that day, again my order arrived the very next day and I have been experimenting with making flowers ever since. I am well and truly hooked now.
This is my first ever attempt.
I was pretty delighted with the outcome but the more I played with this foam the better I liked it and have tried so many techniques.
These are all my experiments
You can see I practiced a LOT!

I tried so many ways of making roses.

Then I tried a "real rose"

This one was for the son to give to his girlfriend for valentines day.

So this is why I am crafting for the sake of crafting once again :)

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