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Monday, March 6, 2017

Mixed media frame.

So this was a very personal project for me and it was a birthday present for my dad that he was a year waiting for but I eventually got around to it and he was delighted with it.
This was made for my dad who only found out in 2007 that he was adopted. He found out in 2013 that although his birth mother had passed away he had 2 sisters and a brother who had only found out about him in 2010. After meeting up with one of his sisters and brother, his sister gave him a missal that belonged to his mum and I was also able to find his birth cert once I knew his birth mothers name so both of those are in the frame along with photos of his mum as a young woman and photos of him with his new family.
The frame is just a basic Ribba one from Ikea that I treated with gold guilding wax to give an aged look. I created a crackled background using glue and then used masks and paint. I added some Foamiran flowers to decorate.
The wording was cut on the Cameo.
Pam x

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