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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some great fun to help charity!!

Isobel goes to Jackie's workshops every month too & every year Isobel sells tickets for Breast Cancer Research but Isobel doesn't just sell the tickets, she comes up with fun ways of doing it while making sure there is something in it for everyone!! Last year was a raffle but this year was much more fun! We got to play bingo & it was a great giggle as Isobel called the numbers but put her own crafty spin on the number calling anyhow there was a prize for a line & then one for full house & even though I didn't win :( lol I still came away with a gift from Isobel!!
Look at what ALL of the crafters who were at Jackie's workshop came away with from the very very generous Isobel!!
A goodie bag packed so full that I couldn't get it all back in the bag!
Then there was this little bag full of punched out leaves, ferns, flowers & butterflies that Isobel gave out to everyone at the workshop!
The plus side to all of Isobels amazing generosity is that she raised €150 for Breast Cancer Research!!

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coops said...

wow great goodies pam and what a fab way to raise money for a much needed charity :D

xx coops xx