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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Patchwork Cards.

I recently bought some new craft supplies from this place & came across their blog. 
They had a very simple but beautiful card made from making patchwork with little triangles of different patterned papers & thought I'd give it a go.
Well if I am not addicted to doing these now!!! 
They are brilliant for using up all those tiny scraps of paper that is too beautiful to bin.
Here are 3 that I made & there are more in the making!!

Check out the shop too, they are fairly good with their prices & the shipping doesn't go up the more you spend, it is by weight but is still cheap enough & doesn't take too long &  to make it even better you get Charlie points every time you buy something & it all adds up!!

Pam x


Grá O'Neill said...

Gorgeous cards, love the stitching & doodling :)
I've used them once & found them good too :)

coops said...

these are gorgeous pam.the patchwork looks really effective :D

xx coops xx