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Monday, August 8, 2011

ProMarker fine nib's.

After Yaz gave me a pack of these & I tried them out I was convinced I wouldn't need them for every marker! I ordered a few packs from Joanna Sheen as they only cost £1.49 here as opposed to £1.99 from Letraset them selves plus there is NO postage when you buy from the Joanna Sheen website & that is not just for UK orders, that is worldwide free postage!!
Anyhow I got the packs I ordered & put them on to my markers & also picked up a few more from Jackie at her July workshop & i put them on to the markers I would use most & the darkest colours as when I am colouring the smallest areas are where the darkest colours would normally be but I noticed the difference in using the fine nib to the normal thin end of the marker plus my box looked messy with some higher than others
so I ordered another 34 packets of the nib's
& after a few minutes my box was all neat again & I feel better just knowing that I wont need to colour in a teeny tiny part using a colour which doesn't have the fine nib!!

Pam x

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