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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mami Doodles Cards.

At Jackie Mooney's June 26th workshop Jackie was displaying 8 gorgeous cards (well there were way more than 8 lol) but these 8 were all of the same "girl" only with different outfits & different hairstyles! They are Mami Doodle's Ligia images & I was shocked when Jackie told me that all 8 images were only €2, that is only 25 cent's for each one!!
I had to buy them & I sat down one day & just coloured all of these images.
Here are the ones I have made into cards so far.
For the next one I used another Mami Doodles image as I know Jackie does use 2 images together & I wanted to see if I could do it! It took a while but I eventually got it & this is what I came up with!!
I love these images & I have just noticed while on the Mami Doodles website that Elisa now has 8 boy images for the same insanly low price of €2.
I'm off to get those now!!

Pam X


JACKIE M said...

Will have to tell Elisa about these she will love them :)they are great.

Yaz said...

Love the cards and I love the mami doodles images. Really like the last card to and it looks like lily and ryan lol!

Mami Doodles said...

Wow, they are all gorgeous, the last one with the blackboard is so eye catching!!! Thanks for the kind works!

Pam said...

Thanks girls, Elisa your images are just brilliant & amazing value for money too!!