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Friday, July 15, 2011

My eCraft is finally behaving!!

After downloading a new update for the eCraft software I tried to cut a SVG file I got for free on line. I can't remember right now where I got it from but it was the first SVG file I tried to cut with my eCraft all those months ago back in September 2010.
It never did cut as the software had major issues & I have been using Make the Cut software ever since! I tried the eCraft software because although MTC is brilliant it cuts to the eCraft very slowly.
I cut this
very delicate cuts & no sticky mat
and it cut brilliantly, it wasn't as fast as cutting from a sd card but it was faster than MTC.
I still love MTC for editing & creating files but its nice to be able to cut with the software that came with my eCraft!

Pam X


JACKIE M said...

Pam it is gorgeous, my Cricuit is still collecting dust :(

Dianne said...

This is gorgeous Pam but just what is an eCraft ???

Pam said...

Di an eCraft is an electronic die cutter, like the Cricut but you don't use a mat & you can cut SVG's with it! It cuts through thicker stuff than the Cricut too! I love mine!!